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Notice: The cost for the Spring 2018 Men and Women’s Cursillo weekends will be $135 per candidate. 


Basic Criteria to Sponsor a person:

 1. Know your candidate.
 2. Commit to helping their Fourth Day.
 3. Do not promise a particular date or weekend.
 4. Print out an application and visit with the candidate to fill it out.
 5. Send the application to the PreCursillo committee as soon as possible.
 6. Do not be afraid to sponsor an appropriate candidate. Do your job well and let the Holy Spirt do the rest for the candidate.


Candidates are:

 1. Practicing Catholics
 2. Able to receive the Sacraments
 3. Free of recent emotional or physical trauma
 4. Single or Married (Spouses can be considered individually in special situations.)


San Diego Guidelines
Checklist for Sponsors
Candidate Application Forms


Angela Bhalla and Julie Helkenn are in charge of Pre Cursillo. They can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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