Created on Tuesday, 29 October 2013 19:52 Written by Erika Toraya

The men...

Attending the men’s clausura is always amazing. These men shared that now they will be better husbands and fathers. Through tears and vulnerability, these men touch our hearts with their experience of Cursillo. How does this happen in just 3 1/2 days?!

If we ever wonder why we go through team school, driving every Friday, putting our families and responsibilities on hold to work four days on a mountain, doing more work than we do at home in a whole year, we remember.

We hear a man who had been away from the church for 20 years who is now elated with his new community of brothers, having picked a new parish home because of the men he met on the weekend! We hear men’s sobs through the freeing words of “I know God’s love now”, “I saw Jesus in the face of each man here.” And three times while talking with friends, we got interrupted because a candidate wanted to give them a bear hug! I don’t mind those interruptions. To see grown men wrap their arms around each other is the most touching scene. It reminds my heart of what love is and I am grateful for this cursillo example.

Some of us maybe grew up in homes without the touchy-feely, or perhaps some rage and anger. So to be a part of a loving community of simply amazing lovers of God, is the biggest gift ever.

To give is to receive. To pray is to be enlightened. To work Cursillo is to see the face of God through the team and through changing candidates’s hearts.

What do we have in our lives that can compare to a bleeding heart that finds God! We’ve all been there. God who in His visible and miraculous way reminds us that He is bigger than any problem. We see that He heard our prayers for the candidates to know His love. “He is always with us!”

The women...

Pat's team and those I got to work with were awesome. Loving, giving, considerate, all about others. It just filled me up being around everyone. So much so, I was bummed to have to leave Saturday evening for my vacation that would begin Sunday.

As it turned out, I got to drive a candidate down the mountain who was sick. She was very sad to leave and miss out on the rest of the weekend. Through her tear drenched eyes, we talked. She shared that the weekend caused her cup to run full over and over.

One of her touching moments was during adoration. She stared at the picture of Jesus and told Him, "I love you, Jesus!!!" Just listening to her say that, made me tear. That's what this movement is all about and candidates seem to touch the hearts of the team with their experiences and reminders.

Sunday night, I called a friend's phone to listen in on clausura. Sitting in a car in Kauai for an hour and 20 minutes, I was able to hear a few sharings (below). Hearing mostly muffled voices, I could hear the love, sobs, laughter and applause.

"This is the first time I really know God's love. I am grateful to you all."

"He is love, all-forgiving..I plan on taking this to work, others...show my children Christ's love the same way I saw it this weekend."

"I learned I can love and be loved..I'm going to share this love with my husband and children."

"I can't wait to share it with everyone else I meet!"

"..we are truly called to sainthood."

"I can't do it alone; we need community. I will share the Gospel at work; God will guide me."

"I am not here because I chose to, but because of your prayers, I was meant to be here."

"I learned that when I receive the body and blood, I am the body and blood. He comes into me and I continue to bring His love."

Applause. Laughter. "De Colores (name)". No faces, but hearing the sounds of the room, it sounded like unity, support, love, and encouragement. It made me miss being there.

Then the closing. You all sang the Our Father and I sang with you. It brought tears to my eyes and love to my heart.

“I love you, Lord!"

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