Love and Laugh

Created on Sunday, 01 September 2013 17:12 Written by Rudy Garcia

It is by no chance encounter we meet God’s people. God places them in our paths to help, guide, become friends and love them, as He would.

I have gotten to know a lot of brothers and sisters in my time in our Cursillo movement through the weekends, Ultreya’s, grouping, team school, church, and yes, funerals.

We are a tight knit group. Words echoed recently in a Cursillo in Action event at my Parish Church of the Resurrection, Escondido. We shared how our lives are filtered through Cursillo we talked about how we have met friends that share the same love of our faith, thanks again Vince and Cheri Provenzano and my wife Nieves for sharing about our love for Cursillo.

I would like to talk about a dedicated group of Cursillistas that I have come to know our Deaconly brothers and their Angelic wives who have made Cursillo weekends and now are Deacons or are on the journey to becoming Deacons and receiving Diocesan certificates.

I had found out I had several brothers from my weekend #247 (April 2007, Jim House Rector) Chris Hurlburt and Patrick Wright that were in the Diaconate. This intrigued me. Wow! Two brothers from my same weekend, what are the odds, God knew.

During our Cursillo weekend these two brothers were in the same table group I recall.

When it was time to do our skits their group didn’t do the normal skits. Their group did a powerful skit that was from the heart, we all sat in amazement; we went from laughs to love in an instant for our brothers sharing of their journey’s.

I really didn’t have a clue! as they say, about the Diaconate til some years in Cursillo. I had heard some things here and there about the program it is when I started studying more about the church that I found out more details about the Diaconate program we have here in San Diego.

In my early Cursillo years we used to have , “The Cursillo School of Leaders”, I remember our Deacons Charlie Frice, Deacon Mike Daniels and other Deaconly brothers sharing their insights on several books we used as study, and you know what! It was fantastic as each Deacon had their own spin on the books messages, just like God talks to us differently, to meet us where we are at.  I miss those ole days.

I asked one brother Chris Hurlburt to give a talk while I was on the Post-Cursillo Committee to our Christian Cursillo brothers at the Ecumenical Ultreya, he did a fantastic job the other faiths loved the message of love that he described working in the hospice environment.

At the Diocesan Institute I have come to know several future Deacons and their Angelic wives, I have heard my sisters really give in great detail their knowledge of the faith and I feel in awe ,as I recall one sister explained in details parts of our faith that she was coming to understand, I could see through her study, prayer and questions she was reaching the depth we are all called to reach in learning about our rich faith, she and the many other sisters and future Deaconly brothers have been a great example to me as they were called by God and it shows in their actions. Yay God..

Some brothers I have come to know who have been in Cursillo awhile and later through a class or Cursillo gatherings I learn’t they were in formation in the Diaconate program.

One such Deaconly brother, Deacon John Sawaya asked me to be on the Post Cursillo  program to welcome our new Cursillistas as he was passing on the baton to serve the Lord in other areas. He was an inspiration to me as he was a mentor God had placed on my path.

I received some wonderful help from a Deacon in one of the oldest Parishes in California, Basilica Mission de Acala, Deacon Bill Vasquez, he allowed the Cursillo to hold several gatherings at this historic Parish for the Welcoming Ultreyas,  he too was an inspiration to me an example of God’s Love.

I cannot leave out our Parish Cursillo Deacons; Deacon Mitch Rennix, Deacon Mike Partida and future Deacons who challenges us to do more for God as they are doing and will do shortly themselves.

I also have come to know a Deacon who has an awesome bible study and Prison ministry and founder of the Men’s Benedictus group, what he lacks in physical strength he makes up in spiritual might, Deacon Ken Finn is my example of Giving all to God,  it is what all my Cursillo Deaconly brothers strive for I am sure.

We have a  singing Deacon, Dennis ONeil and dancing Deacons; Deacons Charlie and Rick Melrose and beautiful bald Deacons; Deacon Murray that light up a Cursiilo weekend.

A recent study done by CARA states more brothers are taking up the call to serve as Deacons in Parishes.

My Brothers and sister if you haven’t already, please get to know these big guys our Deaconly brothers you will be glad you did.

Thanks be to God.

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