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The Gift You're Given, Give to Others

For me, this rector experience was a sweet ride, a real season of grace.


I first sensed the weekend began to jell in the last meetings of team school.   The rollos got better and better; the spirit of the team grew, inspiring confidence in everyone.  Yes, Sparky worked overtime, but the Spirit whispered, "Don't worry. Everything will work out."  And all our problems resolved themselves quickly.


Larry BrodingOn Friday morning of the weekend, Gary Lowe set the stage with a solid rollo on Ideals, then Deacon Rick Melrose gave his dynamic rollo on Habitual Grace.  From that point on, the weekend took off like a rocket and never lost altitude.  In talk after talk, the team and the candidates grew together, stronger and stronger.  Jon Lutack summed up building momentum in his magnificent rollo on Christianity in Action when he said, "Relationship becomes community and community becomes the Body of Christ."  Amen, brother.  When I heard the wind whip over the mountain on late Saturday night; I realized that was an apt metaphor for the work of the Spirit on the weekend, rockin' our spiritual house, taking the weekend to a place I never could have imagined. If any one phrase could describe the spiritual destination of the weekend, Joe Gilbreath stated it plainly as the punchline to his empowered Piety rollo, "Yes, Lord,  Now, what's the question."


Coming down the mountain has left me with a sense of gratitude.  I thank God for the opportunity to serve and for the gift of an unbelievable weekend.  I am grateful to the best team I could ever imagine; it was truly God's team for his weekend.


Finally, I would like to thank our new Cursillistas for the chance to walk this journey with you, to serve you and to bring you into this wonderful movement of Christian leaders.


It was a sweet ride, indeed.


Larry Broding

Rector for Weekend 270


©2012 San Diego English Speaking Cursillo

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