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Friendship, an Essential Element of Cursillo

(The following is an excerpt from the National Cursillo Center newsletter for February 2013.)


This article on friendship is an introduction for the next three articles that will appear in the April, June, and August newsletters. April will focus on Friendship in the Precursillo, June will focus on Friendship in the Cursillo Weekend, and August will focus on Friendship in the Postcursillo.


Perhaps you have read or heard that Blessed John Henry Newman had an outstanding quality, his capacity for friendship. He understood that a friend offers his life for his friends and, in so doing, becomes a better self. The love of benevolence (friendship) can develop into the highest form of love, the self-giving love called agape, rooted in the virtue of charity. Marcus Cicero, a Roman philosopher once wrote, a friend is, as it were, a second self. This is possible when a person gives himself to another, first out of common mutual interests, but eventually in a selfless manner, for the good of the other. Jesus Christ radicalized that idea by teaching that a friend is one who would lay down his life for another.


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