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  “Cursillo is an instrument raised up by God for the proclamation of the gospel in our time.”                                                                                                              Pope John Paul II





Cursillo came to San Diego in 1962. It is a movement of spirit and not an organization. We practice a method to experience the presence and love of the Holy Trinity in our daily lives.

Cursillo starts with a Three Day Weekend up in the mountains near Julian.  Men attend one weekend and then women attend the next weekend in the  Fall and in the Spring.  At the weekend, we hear short courses in Catholic theology, spirituality and  on practical Christian living. We experience a Christian community and we get back to the basic truth: love God and love one another.

After the weekend, we meet in small groups to continue to nurture and deepen our spiritual walk. We practice prayer, study and action. We also meet in larger, pot-luck fed occasions called Ultreyas, meaning “to go further”.

The Cursillo Movement‘s goal is to share the essence of being a Christian and to gradually transform our environments from within. At home, work and play we offer the testimony of friendship. 

Please go to the open events page and come visit us at an Ultreya.


©2012 San Diego English Speaking Cursillo

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